Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Picture Princess!

My daughter is the Picture Princess!  Other than being absolutely adorable, having fabulous tan skin all year, and beautiful curly hair she is just full of joy.  She loves to dress up like a princess and dance around.  She makes costumes out of anything she can find and adds my high heels to her ensemble.  

Shabby Apple is having another amazing contest to find a Princess for their "little girls and girls dresses from Shabby Baby."  I picked the Hibiscus dress for my princess but it was hard to choose.  The entire Shabby Baby line is so cute.  I would like to nominate my baby to be the next Princess!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I started this Blog to enter a contest.  I did not win this contest. :(  But I have now discovered all sorts of giveaways and contests on other Blogs and I am addicted to entering!  My husband thinks I'm a little crazy, but I have now won a few times and I love it.  I thought I might mention a few of my winnings so you all can check out the products from the great people who have sent me prizes!  
If you check my sidebar you will see the Playlist I made to enter to win a copy of Twilight. 

  I made a list of songs I thought would be good for the next movie New Moon and Brooke from the New Moon Event blog thought it sounded good too because I won.  Check out her blog for all the latest Twilight Saga info and if you live in Utah you can get all the details for her New Moon premier event.  (her Twilight premier event was AWSOME!)

I also won a $20 credit to Bowlicious Bowtique.  I was able to order the cutest bows I have ever seen for my daughter.  
My favorite was the pink and green bow.  My daughters favorite is her pink kitty cat bow!

  They are very well made and the prices are great!  I will definitely be ordering more of these fabulous bows!   Make sure to check out the Bowlicious Bowtique blog.

One other prize I wanted to let you know about is The Awesome Book.  It is a great book about how people have given up on their dreams and we really need to be dreaming big.  It is a great story with very colorful, whimsical drawings.  My daughter loves to look at all the bright pictures.  You can purchase and read the whole story here.

If you want to win some prizes too then make sure to check out the Spring Bash going on over at Jolly Mom and Go Graham Go!  They have lots of giveaways going on right now!